Autolink General Information

Autolink Baltics AS is a company, whose main field of activity is the organization of logistics of cars and other vehicles. Our customers are car manufacturers, importers and dealers in the Baltic States, the Western Europe, Russia and the other CIS states.


Autolink Baltics AS is equally owned by Baltic Maritime Logistics Group AS ( ) and Norwegian Autolink Group (

In addition to Autolink Baltics AS belong to the Autolink Group following companies: Autolink Norway in Drammen, Autolink Sweden in Malmö and Autolink Finland in Hanko,  Autolink Lithuania in Vilnius and Autolink Central Asia in Almaty.


Autolink Baltics AS provides its customers with the following services::

  • road, rail and sea transport;
  • warehousing in the Paldiski South Harbour and inland terminals;

  • customs clearance;
  • PDI services.


Terminal Services


The modern PDI centre of Autolink Baltics AS located in the Paldiski South Port provides pre-delivery inspection services for a many car models imported to the Baltic states. Terminal has a car storage territory of 14 ha, where there up to 7000 cars can be stored simultaneously.


Our customers are the dealers of Peugeot, KIA, Ford, Volvo, Mazda, Land Rover, Jaguar and Nissan vehicles. 




Within the framework of PDI services we offer our clients:

  • carwash,

  • technical inspection, 

  •  adjustment of vehicles to meet local market requirements, 

  • installation of accessories, 

  • lining of the trunk of the vans with watertight plywood

and installation of special equipment pursuant to the wishes of clients.

Our trained specialists in the PDI centre install both simple and complicated electronic accessories.

There is a filling station in the territory of the PDI allowing providing the clients with the filling services of petrol, diesel oil and AdBlue.


 Car Carrier Wagon Type 23-469-08



Car Carrier Wagon Type 23-469-08


Car Carrier Wagon Type 23-469-08




Access railway tracks


Terminal is connected to Paldiski station by its own tracks with the length of 2km (code 080908). Loading zone – 35 rail cars (350 vehicles).



Autorack dimensions 23-469-08


Autorack dimensions 11-1804 


Autorack dimensions 11-1291





Autolink Baltics AS has its own Car Carrier Wagons, produced in 2008 and modern car carriers.



We offer railway transport in private Car Carrier Wagon for new or used vehicles from Finnish, Russian Baltic, Baltic States and Black Sea ports to the inland destinations in Russia and Central Asia (including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tadzhikistan etc).



Car Carrier Wagon Type 11-1804





Car Carrier Wagon Type 11-1291


Autolink is a member of ECG, European Association of Vehicle Logistics (, all of our drivers and mechanics have received training in accordance with ECG quality rules.


Autolink Baltics AS
Rae põik 11, 76806 Paldiski, Estonia
Ph.: +372 679 1520, Fax: +372 679 1524
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